Efthymios Charmalias
Art Director

Audi Q5. Life is calling. The concept behind the Manifesto

To create for a brand like Audi is an exciting and full of challenges process but at the end the journey is always rewarding. This time, it all started with the need to create local content in order to make the brand relevant with the Cypriot market. Brands like Audi, do not create tailor made campaigns for smaller markets, which sometimes make them seem distant no matter how established they are.

We did not wish to create product material. We chose to be inspiring and promote the philosophy of Audi and that of the Q5 model. That way we helped build emotional ties with the brand. Cypriots are deeply connected with their land and its landscape. To create a campaign with the car integrated in this landscape immediately brings back memories and gives the public the opportunity to discover places that maybe never knew existed.

The text that would accompany the campaign was supposed to also bring out the essence of Audi Q5, of the island and of the Cypriot audience. It had to be able to work on two levels, referring to the island and the car at the same time. Therefore, the writing had to be personal and uplifting in a way.

A first draft of the manifesto was already written before we had a chance to see the photographic material from Silvio. But once we saw the final outcome it was clear that we were on the right track.

The Audi Q5 Manifesto starts by describing our everyday life and the realization of this hectic situation that does not leave much room for appreciation of our surroundings and taking advantage of the opportunities offered to us.

It continues with the elements and the effect the Cypriot landscape and the Audi Q5 have upon a man. Strength, beauty and diversity are only some of their common characteristics that are offered profusely.

Then it becomes obvious that the island is a «playground» ready to be explored. A territory that includes infinite microworlds of unimaginable beauty waiting to be explored. And the best way to take this journey is with Audi Q5 that allows drivers to travel «their way».

The final declaration of the Audi Q5 Manifesto «Life is calling» is basically a wake up call for all of us and at the same time something bigger than us. It is the joy of life itself. And these are words to live by.

Check out the Manifesto of the Audi Q5. Life is calling campaign below:

“Everyday” is taking so much space in our times. I hardly breathe anymore.

So many things I don’t see…I don’t notice.

So many things you are offering…I should enjoy.

Things I might take for granted…yet they are not.

You are reliable. I can count on you.

You comfort me. I am relaxed.

You are beautiful. I love being with you.

You have strength. I feel empowered.

You inspire me to explore.

You move me with your power.

You give me the opportunity to escape.

You allow me to dream big.

You present me with diversity.

It’s like an island of wonders becomes my playground.

All because of you…

So many things I don’t see…Yet, you make me see things not as they are…but as I am.

Because eventually my destination could change…but that’s not important.

What’s important is to travel my way.

Life is calling.