Ioanna Vasileiou
Social Media Coordinator

5 + 1 tips to update the social media power for your brand!


Customers LOVE stories. Use the emotional power of stories within content, and with the help of social media storytelling tools you can form strong, long-lasting relationships with your audience. Storytelling also, increases brand awareness, reach and attracts new followers.


To get ahead of the competition and keep your brand relevant on social media, you need to be on top of the latest social media trends! Don’t hesitate to deviate from the monthly calendar when a trend emerges.


To make sure that you are always using the right platform for your brand you have to try every social media. Especially if your company targets the early-adopters of Gen-Z or millennial age groups — you need to be on the lookout for platforms that could gain momentum lateron. Find different ways to communicate that depending of what each social media platform indicates.


It looks like a unique conversation experience. The closer to human conversation the better. Contacting someone through a private message is a lot more personal than a display ad.


Influencers with the most followers does not mean they are right for your business account. Choose those which represent your brand better. Local brands should prefer local micro influencers and grow with them.


Video or a smart GIF has proven to be one of the most engaging formats. Social Media are focusing more and more on video. Video content could build trust and create emotions. GIF could easily grab attention and have entertainment value.

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