Ermina Dimitriou
Senior Copywriter

COVID-19 vs The People: Together, as one

Most of us have lived through some difficult times. But all of us, collectively, have never experienced something like this. The world has come to a halt. We are holding our breath, wondering, fearing, waiting. And we breath as one now -or we should be. Such a little thing this is, an invisible thing –almostand yet, it has brought us to our knees. It has made us feel helplessdesperate and alone. But we shouldn’t.

We have each other.

We, people, are creatures of magnificent endurance and great adaptability. We can overcome -and we shall, some day. May this day not be far. The situation is difficult, but it is not undefeated. We have great power in our hands (that is, of course, if we properly wash them.) We have each other. We have our acts of kindness. We still have our friends, even if we cannot see them up close. Most of us have the technology to stay connected, as much as we want.  

We are not alone. This affects us all. This treats us as if we were one body. One living and breathing thing. The coronavirus has locked us in our homes, but as long as we remain inside them, we remain safe. But does that apply to all? What about the old, the self-isolated, the victims of domestic violence, the poor? We should be here for them. We should help.  

But when we come together, we become stronger than the mightiest of gods.

This is the time to find it deep in our hearts, to raise above. To go beyond. We are all scared. We are all in agony. But when we come together, we become stronger than the mightiest of gods. Now is the time to care for your neighbour. To ask what they need. To offer help, support, a shoulder to cry on (although they shouldn’t touch it; or come closer than 2 metres from you.) Be patient. Be kind. See all the lovely things people are doing for one another in the world. Get inspired. Put fear aside and put kindness forward. 

Acts of kindness sparked by this unprecedent situation are taking place all over the world. They even invented a new word for it, over in Canada; caremongering they call it. But it is pretty much everywhere you look. Trainers are giving free work out classes on terraces in Spain; landlords are reducing rent over in England; people are setting up groups of volunteers to help those in need, in almost every country hit. 

We all feel at least a little bit better when we share those dark thoughts.

It can happen to you. Or, better yet, you may be the one initiating it. Use the power technology has given us. Sometimes, all it takes is a Facebook group where volunteers can virtually gather and organise to help. Perhaps, you can organise rounds of volunteers who will provide the essentials to the sick, the elderly, the people with disabilities in your neighbourhood. Or, you can just lend an ear to someone who feels alone and in distress. Where professional help might not be enough or even available, we still have each other. Why not set up a supporting group, a safe space where anyone can talk about their fears, their anxiety, their worries -or simply join one already existing? We all feel at least a little bit better when we share those dark thoughts. If you can, donate. Offer some relief -it is almost certain you’ll get some relief back.  

Support yourself, by supporting others.

We are all in this together. Scared, but bravely facing our fear, head on. Support yourself, by supporting others. Your local grocery store, that guy down the road who doesn’t know if he’ll get paid, that old lady who needs a bottle of milk. Be there. Be open. Keep 2 metres apart. And if there are any Lord of the Rings fans out there, remember the words of Sam: “Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines, it will shine out the clearer.