Time for traditional Cypriot brands to open the door towards the trend of the future.

The need to remain relevant for the next generations, requires determination and correct strategic moves, hence why redesigning a leading iconic brand that has been in our lives for 3 generations was a real challenge.

One of our clients G. Charalambous, the oldest coffee roaster in Cyprus, since 1943, decided it was time to revive the Cypriot-type coffee category and connect with the younger consumer. Our challenge was to bring a traditional product closer to millennials while maintaining its values and traditions.

With our long experience in strategy creation, we have successfully redesigned the Packaging for Charalambous Cypriot coffee and helped our client re-energize the Cypriot coffee category. Our starting point, as always, was consumer research. Firstly, we conducted focus groups to understand consumer perceptions, thoughts and behaviors towards the Cyprus coffee segment, to help us create our strategy.

We then went to the drawing board and created some new package concepts, which again we tested through research. The 3 packages, finally selected after 2 phases of qualitative research, highlight the Cyprus folk art through the “Fidkiotiko” design, with the traditional Cyprus coffee cup as centre piece as it that has a special place in everyone’s hearts. It “speaks” to even the youngest audience, as it reminds them of moments from their childhood with grandparents and many more warm memories with loved ones. In terms of color, the basic packaging of the classic coffee is based on the company’s corporate colours for better recognition. Finally, the new addition to the packages was to include instructions on how to brew the best Cyprus coffee.

Using the consumer insights from the research, we then proceeded with designing our communication strategy. We used elements that were meaningful to our target audience and would evoke emotions that spoke to their heart, such us the ritual of preparing the coffee, the distinct smell it leaves once it’s done and the traditional cup, while of course reminiscing those precious memories of grandpa or grandma in the village.

A cross-media content strategy was built with the central message “A cup full of tradition”, in order to communicate the whole rebranding of the coffee, the new packages and to educate our younger audience of the correct preparation method of Cyprus coffee. The ultimate aim was to improve the consumer experience and create a new relationship with the younger consumer at all points of contact.




As we identify that the trend of the future is to look back to the past, Charalambous Cyprus coffee continues to lead the way by reviving the whole coffee category aiming to make this type of coffee a new trend. We, at Innovation / Leo Burnett, are ready to offer our expertise on strategic rebranding and repackaging for any traditional Cypriot brand that wants to open its doors to the new generations.

Watch the Video to find out how we did it.