Our choice of the top 5 Christmas Ads that never get old.

As we are diving into December and counting backwards to the biggest holiday of the year, nothing seems more appropriate than to share with you some of our all-time favourite Christmas ads. There were dozens of ads to choose from, to admire and be inspired from, all reminding us the power of advertising, when the concept is based on consumer insights, when there is purpose and a strong message but most importantly when it comes from the heart. Christmas is the chance for the creatives to go wild on emotions and take our hearts and our tears, and an opportunity for the brands to push us to reflect in our inner world.

We have chosen to share 5 of our most beloved Christmas ads which all have one common denominator and that is, no matter how old these ads are, you still want to watch them year after year and their message speaks to you every single time. So, grab your kourampiedes and your melomakarona, take a sip of that eggnog or that lovely, mulled wine, and follow us down that spectacular Christmas hole!

No1: EDEKA 2015 – Time to come home

Speaking about tears, try holding yours back when watching this masterpiece by EDEKA. This spot cuts to the chase and breaks our heart in half. It’s a very powerful reminder that nothing lasts for ever and there is nothing more important than the ones we love. Five years later and four simple words that close the ad, still make our knees tremble as we run to make our Christmas plans with our mums, dads, and grandparents.

No2: John Lewis 2018 – More than just a gift

You can’t watch this ad and not get goosebumps. Whether you are an Elton John fan or not, this story will get to you. Not only it’s a true story and a mini bio of this wonderful artist, but John Lewis, in a very subtle way, also conveys a deeper message: “some gifts are more than just a gift”. Think about it and hopefully the gifts you choose to give this Christmas may change somebody’s life.

No3: PENNY 2017 – Time to reconcile

Christmas is all about family. In every family love is so strong, but sometimes we let fights get even stronger. And sometimes those steps to our beloved person’s doorstep seem like a journey into the abyss. But it’s Christmas time and there is no better time to reconcile. Thanks, PENNY for reminding us not to let things get this difficult…all year round.

No4: Sainsbury’s 2014 – Christmas is for sharing

An impressive, heart-breaking production by Sainsbury’s, inspired by real events from 100 years ago. This ad brought upon us an even more impressive message, reminding us that sharing is stronger than killing. A production that 6 years later is still so good to watch, and a message that sadly still needs to be reminded of.

No5: Bouygues Telecom 2018 – An unforgettable Christmas

We saved this for last because we wanted to end the piece on a happy note, with some laughs and catchy music. This ad is playful, warm, and manages to put a smile on our face, even if a sweet tear is quick to follow. The generation gap, child-parent love, tradition, and technology all blend in a fun and smart way. It also touches us just a little bit more, since it seems a lot like what Christmas might look like for many of us this year. But, hey, we will still be dancing and smiling.

Feel free to watch these ads again and again ?.

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