As this strangely unique year is coming to an end, we wanted to share with you some of our clients (yours) success stories:


A 77 year old iconic brand went ahead with its original plans for rebranding and repackaging their leading brand in the middle or the pandemic. This move has re-energized not only the brand but the whole category.

Virtual Showroom
A leading car distributor disrupted the local market by developing a virtual showroom enabling consumers to browse and order a new car form their living room.

From b-2-b to b-2-c
A fashion manufacturer redefined their merchandise, changed completely their production line and launched a new product within 3 months. This initiative moved our client from b-2-b to b-2-c keeping the company alive and kicking.


A cultural centre found new channels of communication with their audience and moved from face to face live events to the new trend of podcast managing to attract a much younger demographic along the way.

Online delivery
A retailer went from physical shop to online delivery over a weekend to facilitate their clientele. As soon as the word got out via radio, digital and social media, our client gained many new customers making many people locked inside, happy and well fed.


We salute you all for your vision, your determination and ability to reimagine a new future for your company, your teams and your community.We are proud to have been next to you during this journey.

Let’s create new success stories together in 2021. Happy New Year!





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