Revolutionizing Cyprus’ Future Through People and Brands!
Innovation Leo Burnett signifies evolution with two groundbreaking initiatives. Our company constantly advances toward a better future, aiming to elevate Cyprus’ new generation artists, and brands. Xenia Chatziioannidou, skyrocketed these initiatives to new heights, steering them for enduring success.

In collaboration with Frederick University and Uclan University the “Youth Academy” program will shape the future advertisers. Its ultimate goal is to mould participants into the future marketers of the region, sharing a passion for the industry all driven by hands-on training in our top-notch environment. The “Local Legends” initiative aims to preserve local culture, by empowering Cypriot artists. The objective is to empower local talent, by guidance, strategic counsel, and creative campaigns to modernize traditional brands and make them relevant to the Cypriot consumer.

Xenia adds: “We constantly feel we need to take a much closer look. It’s who we are. We can’t ignore and play pretend. By knowing what’s OK and what’s not we can take actions to fix biases and grow. It’s hard to flip the test on us and it takes thick skin. But it yields results, just like the “Youth Academy” and “Local Legends” two innovations that bring us closer to our community. Are you ready?”

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