We constantly re-evaluate

our social impact efforts.

We continuously re-examine our business and operational practices, making sure our values are reflected in our daily operations. Our intention is to have a positive contribution to our people, our industry and our society. We take initiatives in the areas that are most relevant to us hoping to drive change.

Our Campaigns

We are committed to creating campaigns that promote equality, diversity and human rights, while refraining from using any sort of stereotypes.

Our Industry

We are active members and supporters of FED, the self-regulatory body for our industry. We are dedicated in giving constructive feedback regarding the content of the advertisements in Cyprus, aiming to defend the consumer’s rights, respect their time & needs and protect their feelings.

Our Internship Program

We love to share our knowledge and expertise with ambitious people who want to thrive in communications and look for an opportunity to realize their dreams, their personal growth and professional goals.

If you are looking for an internship opportunity, send us your CV with the indication “Intern” at [email protected]

Our Open Call for Artists

We promote talented Cypriot artists through innovative and inspiring collaborations for our brands and our clients. We promote authenticity and aim to empower engagement with consumers and fans.

In this spirit, we organize open calls for young artists to take over our Instagram account and generate creatively impactful stories. If you have a creative idea send us a request with the indication “Open Call for Artists” at [email protected]

Our Start-ups Ecosystem

We are strategic partners of IDEA, empowering the development of innovative start-ups that boost the entrepreneurial spirit in Cyprus. We provide pro-bono coaching and mentorship to the start-up teams of IDEA, with the aim to inspire and guide them in order to develop beyond their perceived limitations and unleash their full potential so as to be disruptive and exponential, delivering an exceptional product/ idea, which will be relevant globally.

Our Environment

We are re-evaluating our operations to a more sustainable model that targets an integrated paper and plastic container reduction system. With a view to minimizing our environmental footprint we are a paperless organization and we use biodegradable containers while taking special care to recycle residual plastic waste.

Our Giving Back

We take seriously our giving back to the world. Our contribution includes a number of philanthropic activities, currently in relation to the healthcare and well-being of children in need. Moreover we seek to get involved in several pro-bono services especially for social issues, the latest topics being on equality and illegal trafficking in Cyprus.