Faneromeni (2017- 2019). The sky is our cultural roof
The story
We designed a full ATL campaign as well as publicity to promote the annual cultural summer festival, Faneromeni, organized by the Cultural Foundation of the Bank of Cyprus.

The idea
We created stimulating key visuals for each event of the summer festival based on the concept that “The sky is our cultural roof”, as these events take place in the Cultural Foundation’s yard. These key visuals were applied on all of the materials of the ATL campaign as well as the branding of the Cultural Foundation’s building for it to become more festive. In addition, interviews of the artists participating in Faneromeni festival were arranged throughout all media channels in order to create publicity and interest around the festival.

The result
Our ATL campaign covering TV, Radio & Digital as well as publicity created awareness for the festival and urged the audience to attend the events. The festival has been a success for the 4th year now, attracting hundreds of people and that is why is now considered an annual tradition.