General Insurance of Cyprus. The Unpredictable
The story
General Insurance of Cyprus, one of the leading Insurance Companies in Cyprus, launched a new website which gave the opportunity to Cypriot consumers to take out online Motor and Home Insurance. The process was pioneering at the time of the launch: For the first time, Cypriot consumers could take out an insurance policy, fast and easy without any human interference. The challenge was to manage to introduce many objectives in our communication: the new website, the products, the easiness of the process and of course to enhance the company’s vision of becoming a technologically advanced company which offers alternative new ways of value for money insurance.

The idea
We created a communication platform with the purpose of introducing a new website which would be able to host all online products. The concept supported what the client originally wanted to communicate: A shift in the way consumers conduct insurance. Personal property risk is not a very easy subject to communicate successfully, so we decided to base our concept on ‘The unpredictable’ with a humorous tone of voice and aimed to attract attention and generate positive feelings. After all, there are factors that no one can predict so its ideal for customers to be able to quickly and safely attain an insurance policy from one of the most reliable Insurance Companies in Cyprus.

The result
We produced a 360 communication initially for Motor Insurance and 3 months later for Home Insurance. We managed to create website and online product awareness, giving GIC an authentic and pleasant communication, which was memorable and result driven. We implemented the same concept for “online travel insurance” a few months later in a radio campaign.