Snack. The taste you’ve been waiting for
The story
Our client Snack, a cold cuts company, launched a new series of smoked, cooked, packaged, chicken breast products to be sold in supermarkets across Cyprus. The products were low in fat, had no gluten and were high in protein. The packaging could be easily opened, and the products could be used straight in salads / recipes and so on. The products were unique in that it was the first time a Cypriot cold cut producer company launched cooked products of this kind. The client’s aim was to communicate that their product range was enhanced with these new smoked chicken products and also to attract new potential customers who may be more health conscious / have a busy lifestyle or just want to make something nice to eat in a quick and easy way.

The idea
Our strategy focused on communicating the new product by showing its multiple use while at the same time showing how delicious it was through a cooking recipe tv commercial followed by multiple digital recipe videos and a product photoshoot. We wanted to keep a uniform tone of voice and look and feel, so we decided to collaborate with a well respected Cypriot chef and a food stylist who could help us create a fresh aesthetic to promote not only the new product but the brand products in general.

The result
Following this idea, we decided to expand the look and feel we created for the smoked chicken products to other key products of Snack and succeeded in creating extra content for the new social media account of the client. This helped us succeed in creating a uniform visual brand identity for SNACK which was communicated for the whole of the year. Additionally the collaboration with the chef created fast awareness since the products and the brand was promoted in his own social media account which has the exact food loving audience we are trying to reach.