The Mall of Cyprus. Expanding Experiences
The story
The Mall of Cyprus challenged us through a spec. They were seeking for the right partner to design and implement the communication strategy of its expansion project which would last for almost 2 years. During our design thinking model a lot of parameters should have been taken into consideration: the duration of the project, the construction phases, the inconvenience that visitors might feel in this long journey and at the same time the need to create knowledge and anticipation to meet the end result: more shops, a brand-new food court, more parking space, more experiences.

The idea
Our strategy focused on a clear communication message: Expanding Experiences. This was TMOC promise. The rational and emotional elements had to work together in a strategy which was aligned with the construction phases in a way which ensured that everything ran smoothly. The necessity to keep people informed of the work status, what to follow, help visitors navigate within the mall were the rational aspects. At the same time we had to build anticipation for the new shops, parking space and the food court. We also wanted to create an Expanding Experience logo with a color pallet in all adaptations – from signage to a single post – This helped us succeed in creating a visual brand identity for the project.

The result
Through this journey the visitors were aware of what was happening at every level within the Mall of Cyprus. In the ‘pre phase’ we introduced an ongoing communication through a chat bot, a mini website, social media and publicity. For the launch phase we combined ATL communication, consumer events and the official opening to create anticipation. All the above contributed to an incredible number of visitors attending the opening of the Mall of Cyprus as well as an incredible number of visitors the following weeks.