Visa Mobile Payments. You want ease, we offer it to you
The story
The payments industry has grown into a very challenging environment in recent years, as the shift from plastic to digital has accelerated. Visa’s mission is to ensure that any connected device used for payments is a secure place for commerce. Visa, an established provider in Cyprus, brought for the very first time the innovative contactless mobile payments, through the Digital Wallets of the participating banks in Cyprus and on Android devices. As Cypriots enthusiastically adopted the contactless technology in recent years, Visa was confident that mobile payments could quickly become a success.

The idea
The creative idea was based on a simple but yet honest rationale, building on convenience which was our reason to believe and the consumer needed. Thus, if you have been searching for a way to make your life even easier, we, at Visa, have found it! Now, you can make contactless payments with Visa, using your card or your mobile phone! You want convenience, we provide it for you. The simplicity of the message led us to create a campaign that spoke the truth in a simple but yet fresh and creative way, using the power of the ageless progressive group of people. Our objectives were to position Visa as innovative in the eyes of the Cypriot consumers, create consumer awareness regarding the introduction of mobile payments in Cyprus first introduced by Visa as well as
drive usage of mobile payments.

The result
We created a 360° campaign covering all available media channels – TV, Radio, Digital Local & Programmatic, Social Media, OOH, Mall Branding, POS Material – as well as proceeded with BTL activities to generate buzz using the element of surprise and inform the public about Visa mobile payments via 3 bursts of coffee treats activations in 2 major coffee chains around Cyprus and Visa Mobile Payments branding in 3 Summer Mastichomata Events which were visited by approximately 3000 people per event.